Thanks for coming back to share your feedback Melissa ~ you might want to invest in an oven thermometer, they’re cheap, and from my experience most ovens are off in some way. I am in the process of making this one… I just had to mention – I can’t see how this is a “one bowl” recipe when you have to keep the rhubarb (sprinkled with flour) separate until you combine the flour mixture (in one bowl ) with the butter/sugar mixture (in another bowl) and the half and half brewing with the lemon juice in another dish of some nature. I was not disappointed! OH, sweet momma, I love me some rhubarb and this recipe looks utterly tempting! As previous questions was confused with the half and half so made some buttermilk 116ml full fat milk & 1tbsp lemon juice leave to stand for 30 minutes then use. I love rhubarb, which I usually stew and eat with oatmeal, but tried this recipe after a random search on the interweb to find something else to do with it. Bake until cake is golden on top and browned around the sides, this will take between 40-45 minutes. hello there… this looks interesting but whatdo you mean by half and half in the ingriediants? Thank you. Turned out amazing! This is fantastic. To finish off, I had some extra rhubarb which I stewed ( with minimal water) with vanilla bean and a tiny bit of sugar. This sounds delicious! Everyone that tries it, loves it! I am going to try this for sure. Half and half is a product that is half whole milk and half heavy cream. The only problem I seem to have is that my oven needs almost twice as long to bake this as the recipe calls for – but I know the temperature is off so that might just be my problem. I would give it 5 stars but technology will only let me mark it at 3 Boo. I knew I had to make this cake as soon as I saw the recipe. Strawberries and rhubarb are a classic springtime combo, but you could use cherries or apricots if you prefer. This was my first go with rhubarb and it was delicious! Finally, pour the cake mixture over the top. Then transfer the rhubarb to a freezer style zip lock baggie or airtight container. And then there’s that slightly crunchy sugary crust ~ this cake is divine. I’m going to change it to make it paleo, wheat and milk don’t agree with me. In a large saucepan, combine the sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg and water until smooth. Add the half-and-half mixture and the remaining half of flour. I’ve missed out on rhubarb for a lot of years since I never tried it as a child. Hi Sue. I planted my Rhubarb in my little rose garden. Great recipe.. Made this recipe for the first time tonight, loved it! Do you think this could be made without dairy? I now have another breakfast recipe for my Sunday morning family time. Thanks for the recipe, it looks amazing. Delish! Had to cut off a corner to taste. Thanks so much Polly, I’m so glad it is a hit for you! We got some rhubarb from a friend & I found your recipe online. The texture is wonderful, due to the fruit sort of melting into the cake, I guess. I have so much rhubarb, and I am always looking for recipes. | Digg This There’s a nice background note of vanilla in the batter which plays really well with the rhubarb. Van you just use regular milk for this ? Thanks! With mixer running on low speed, add half of the flour and mix. My rhubarb patch is poking up out in the garden right now and I still had a bag or two in the freezer – the frozen worked perfectly in this recipe. (You can speed the cooling process up a bit in the freezer.) Is this easy to freeze and enjoy later. I usually feel comfortable substituting milk, almond milk, even yogurt. I have made this 3 times now. It is definitely one of my favs! Gently fold the rhubarb into the batter. Much appreciated! Baked for 45 min and came out with a lovely, crunchy top and just the right amount of sweetness – I don’t like very sweet cakes. Thank you for my new favorite breakfast.