Help!! However, how long did you wait before using it? The soap that is creamy-white like your picture, the kind of soap I’d wished for since I read your recipe!!! It produces a lush, nourishing bar of soap. Hot barely describes 2 or 3 consecutive days of this. I think next time I will make a batch of hot process, and a batch of cold and a cheat of 10% coconut oil. I store mine in a half-gallon glass mason jar, and I keep a tablespoon measuring spoon in the container to make it easy to measure. Thanks Daisy. When to use: You can use this paste on your face in morning and after a bath. Too, the lye/soap could possibly splash into the motor area of the mixer through the vents. How often and Who can Use: Anybody with any kind of skin type can use this at a regular basis Tailor the scrub according to your skin type and wait for the results to show up. These have cured a couple of months now, but they have been very hard from about the ten-day point. Hi Jen–Sorry to take so long. People with oily skin are advised to use this frequently. I’ve made many batches over the years since and have been very pleased with them. I like the olive-y soap just as well or even better. I thought I would give it a try and it’s my first flop ever. Does all storebought soap have lye in it? I got frustrated and threw it in the dumpster. I spent a day on the computer looking up videos on soap making trying to work out what I had done wrong only to realise that the house temps were cool for those two days and day 3 I had set soap! Cheapo ones or make one yourself by crocheting with some really nice organic wool. GailC–Water is equal in weight and volume, so that should make it easier! With an eye dropper, add about 10-15 drops (or less if you’re sensitive to fragrance) of lavender or … I also use a Dehumidifier that I picked up at the Goodwill for 5 bucks. That means that it removes dirt, but it doesn’t make foam. I cannot say it enough! I stomped back to the grocery store and bought vegetable oil this time. way to go, soapgirl! Roll on 6 weeks so I can try it! I am very interested in making this soap but as I need metric measurements as I am in Australia. I don’t think I could ever go back to shampoo now…. This is only my second batch of soap, But my batch was warm the whole day because I figured it was going through sapomification. For the soda bread, sift the plain flour and the bicarbonate of soda into a big bowl. Read on to learn more about the difference between pure and pomace olive oils, Castile (100% olive oil) recipes and using olive oil … I haven't been game to use the coconut oil in cooking so I did a bit of internet research to find a new soap recipe.. We just started using this soap in the shower and so far so good. It wasn’t much fun. Good job! This may sound like a silly question, but do you have to have palm oil or any hard fats to make this? So is the lye my only costs? I just became totally jealous of your beautiful, white bars. Have an extra milk carton or Pringles can at the ready in case I am as clueless as I think I am. I don’t take temp readings much anymore, but you are correct, that is optimal. Yes, the “a” was missing. Angela–You pretty much have to order it online. This site makes me wanna try home soap-making! I just took out the large jug of olive oil and set it next to my lye and crisco, on the kitchen counter, to stare at me… And the majority of the mixture is coming together. I wonder if the lye being caustic is not bad for your skin? Alicia–While once in a blue moon my local Lowe’s restocks their containers of Roebic Drain Cleaner (the ones that are 100% lye), I usually order from a soaping supply company. How to Make Olive Oil Cake. I’m confused. The recipe … Good luck! I’ve just wrapped up canning with the last batch of jam in the canner as I type. Helps remove impurities leaving your skin healthy and smooth. Personally I find it better for sensitive skin, and my customers swear by it. It was like cutting white chocolate. Plant vegetables adapted to your area and space them so air circulates freely. nice looking soap. It eases stress, flushes toxins, reduces pain and inflammation, prevents blood clots and many more. I used olive oil coconut oil and veg. Take some baking soda and few drops of olive oil on your face. I even shave it down, melt, & dilute it with water when I want to make some shampoo. Anyway, any info you can give would be great! I have always gotten beige bars, which does not bother me that much if at all, but those amazingly white bars are, well, just amazing and I would like to try my hand… Weight oz here. Two Olive Oil Soap Recipes. I was the same before I tried it for the first time. I have a large Cuisinart planetary-type kitchen mixer with stainless steel bowl. I’ve been a soaper for a year now & all my teachers & fellow soapers let their Castile soaps cure for this long as well. Just found this recipe and made it two nights ago. It’s soon to be the annual (sometimes semi-annual) soap day at our house! I want to get comfortable with the bars first. Colleen–No worries, the color is dependent on the type of olive oil used. May 25, 2018 - Here's what you need: russet potato, baking soda, salt, olive oil, garlic, fresh rosemary, black pepper, salt, pepper, fresh parsley leaf But if you still want a less-tempermental bar with bubbles, go with my #1 If you use forms and can put it down in the slicer go for it. I just got finished pouring it..does it change as it hardens? I took note of the mention above or vinegar to neutralize the lye. So I think.that may have been the culprit. I love it. Take both Epsom salt and baking soda in equal amount and mix it well with some lemon juice. I MADE SOAP!!! Also, do liquid soaps in general need to cure to complete the saponification like solid soaps do? FrugalKiwi–I love that! My soaps always turn out beige. I use one whole lemon, squeezed directly into a big bowl of cold or luke warm water and pour over my head (directly over the bowl) and Gently massage through. Get soapin’! Read it can take 6-9 months to make a firm soap bar.the harder the better for olive soap. I added no essential oils to this olive oil soap recipe, but a general guide for most essential oils is to add .5 oz. Angela–It’s possible it will disappear as it cures, and if it doesn’t you may be able to remove it. Basic Soap Recipe. Bonus: An All Olive Oil recipe. Ooops! I have never made soap before and was able to follow the instructions in the LHITS Book for this recipe – used an immersion blender and it was tracing in just a few minutes. It may yellow a bit in color, but it doesn’t seem to effect how well it does its thing. Properly made liquid soaps don’t need the cure time of bar soap. [ Read: Benefits of Baking Soda for Face ]. I bring mine to a fairly thick trace so I can make some swirls reminiscent of the. I’ve been hearing a lot about it. It also smells strongly of olive oil. Unless soap is made hot process, the soap must sit & cure for at least 4 weeks. How often  and Who can Use: You can use it regularly if it suits you. when using a cookie sheet ypu need one with 1 inch sides. How often and Who can Use: You can repeat the treatment thrice in a week. I was surprised because that definitely doesn’t happen when I use the regular cold press recipe. I have been making soap forevr and I will tell you that olive oil soap is a tricky mistress. I just found a 1lb pail of lye, sold as drain cleaner, on-line at for $4.29. Add in baking powder, baking soda, and salt and whisk 20 seconds. The lactic acid present in the milk helps to reduce pigmentation, hydrates your skin and also helps to relieve sunburn. Looking back through the posts, it was the Kroger brand of olive oil. The lot without additives turned out brittle to, so I probably should have cut it when I was really impatient to, but was afraid of messing it up, oh well, can’t wait to soap again! Hi! Can anyone steer me towards one? You can perhaps pick up a small bit, for a sample batch and check it out. On Monday I am going to my local Amish Goods store, hoping they will carry lye because as I understand it they make their own soap. I’m asking because I’m about to make my first batch of soap and I am choosing your Pure Olive Oil Soap recipe to get me started. Sorry for the delay! I don’t think you have to weigh the water, though. Kat–Oooh, I’d like a whiff of that! I put it through the dishwasher and I’m fine with using it for food again, but many people have a separate set for soapmaking only. Oatmeal helps the skin to retain moisture. I don’t know as I haven’t made soap but was making enquiries about it as I want to have a go. Render the tallow by cutting it into chunks, placing it into the large pot, covering it, and heating on medium heat until it is melted. Firm enough to cut after just about 8 hours. Anybody from normal to dry skin can use this scrub. I went to Good’s, which is what my sister calls the Amish Wal-Mart. If this happens just take a damp clothe and wash off the the top of the soap. Each bar was made from 100 g of oil, 14.4 g of sodium hydroxide, and 28.8 g of water for an effective lye concentration of 33%. Potassium hydroxide is also a caustic soda, but it is used to make liquid soap. Store in an airtight container. Precautions: Don’t move your fingers too fast, as it may damage your skin. Maybe you can carve it into a little barbell shape! The information above was what I was given by the person who sells all the ingredients for soaps and cosmetics. Thank you in advance. That’s good news then. dear brainfault, I have had to stir as long as an hour to get trace on handstirred olive castille. Essential oils helps reduce cellulite, reduces wrinkles and age spots. Where do you buy lye? Making soap is this weekend’s project. The honey is from our own hives. If it sits on top then you are at trace. Just made this! Jen–Olive oil tends to make a hard, relatively brittle soap anyway. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! If you’re going with large batches, hit Home Depot for the big gun blender and some 10 gal buckets. My intent was to use this for general household purposes but I’m concerned about the color and smell. Pre-heat your oven to 175 (F). Plus it doesn’t take the whole container. Check Ace Hardware. Meanwhile, the lye (caustic soda) acts as a two-side sword in soap making: We need lye for the saponification of oils. (insurance) . I wish I could tell you exactly what went wrong, but I can only wonder if it could be a bad batch of lye. (And as you can see in the photo below, I’m currently using my frugal version of Oil Soap from my local dollar store instead of the more popular name brand). Hi, could you possibly send me the long, rambling email you sent to Elizabeth too? STICKBLENDER!!!! How Often and Who Can Use: You can repeat the treatment twice in a week. and what is a stick blender? I just made this soap…its setting up now and I should be able to cut in a few more hours. For the extra special luxurious french milled castile 100% olive oil. I watched the video half a dozen times and watched the good doctor make his lye solution. Thanks for posting. And they are still hardening up. Olive Oil and Baking Soda Face Scrub. I use an immersion blender to get it to trace. Brush a baking sheet generously with olive oil. Olive oil and other vegetable cooking oils yield a soft soap that never completely hardens. To capture value from the waste oil from this process, I used this recipe to make a soap with this recipe. It’s only been two weeks since I made my soap, I had to try it (6 months is a long time to wait!) . This is my first time making soap with olive oil. G Grover–I followed the recipe shown, no additives to whiten it. My recommendation is to be on the lookout at yard sales and thrift or overstock stores for used immersion blenders to be on the safe side. Thanks so much for posting this! eo’s per pound of soaping oils. I warn you though that I have the anti-math gene and could be leading you down the garden path. Can’t wait to use it in 6 weeks it smells fantastic! Only use 100% sodium hydroxide. Heather–The coconut oil soaps are known to be drier than others, so that may help you in your situation. [ Read: How to Get Rid of Acne with Baking Soda ]. Lift soap from forms using the sides of the freezer paper for handles. I’ve been looking for a liquid soap recipe. Here are the ingredients: 29 ounces of coconut oil (liquid). I think the hardest thing for me is having to wait the 6 weeks for curing before using. It also helps soften the skin and removes any dead cells. I’m cutting a loaf of mint chocolate swirl, is it the additives? To convert your recipe with a mix of oils I use the MMS Lye calculaor at What is the stick beater? Storebought soap is also made with lye. Like in a crockpot? Castile soap can come in liquid or bar form, for this recipe we will be using the liquid form. I’m totally new to soap making so I’m looking to keep it simple in the beginning. or just remove the extra olive oil ? But reading all the comments and postings here is very entertaining. A thorough understanding of saponification and saftey issues is necessary before making lye soap to prevent injury and accidental misuse of the products. Benefits: Coffee and Baking Soda both have exfoliating properties which will help the dry skin to melt away giving a smoother and refreshing skin. As far as the Lampante? its been 3 hours since I put it in the mold, but it still just doesnt look right. I make 100% extra virgin oo soaps and I’m happy with all of them -( Rooibos tea, goat’s milk and plain). The soap had set so hard overnight, I couldn’t even slice it into nice bars! Love your site Daisy! Thanks! There are many outlets. Can see y you have a big following. I sent you a long, rambling email! 80 grams of caustic soda (use glasses and gloves when handling it). I have some large quantities of really cheap plain olive oil and may need to try this! My question is what temps would be ideal for drying, and would these high temps not cause a problem with the soap. or maybe if I need to just give it more time. I assume with lye it is weight, but what about oils and water? Those devices require “low suds” soaps. No Kroger around these parts and I just don’t make that two hour x 2 drive that often anymore with the gas prices and all. I’m so glad the soap turned out so well! This olive oil soap recipe is kind of “low suds”–it’s true to some extent UNLESS you use one of those scrubby plastic bath puffs. Nova–Aaah! Thanks again. Thanks, sounds like a plan then, shower and workout all in one! You may also substitute the olive oil with almond or coconut oil. Jen–Love it. When to use: It’s a natural face scrub and you can use it anytime except before you are going out. Jill–Hope you enjoy! Pour the batter into your prepared forms or pan. I usually make this type of soap in the evening befor bed. Well, this is months later but it’s by Erik Knutzen and Kelly Coyne. I’ve yet to try my hand at making Castille soap but after reading your article, I’m definitely going to try it. Precaution: Avoid applying it on any sensitive parts of your skin. Weigh out the lye into a heat safe container. Afraid, though, I don’t remember the brand. When I make this recipe, it usually hardens superfast–I don’t wait until overnight because it will have gotten brittle by then. Never had a problem with this one not getting rock solid. Still, it may just be taking its own sweet time and you may end up with hard soap eventually. If anyone out there knows how to do this, feel free to chime in. eo’s per ounce of soaping oils”, but recommend ~3.125 oz. Being a somewhat impatient soaper I usually cut pretty early, as soon as it feels like it can take it. How do you get it white. I made melt-n-pour for years and finally got up the courage to battle the lye after watching hours and hours of videos. Procedure: Now, lightly massage your face with the paste using your fingertip that forms a loose one. You can repeat the treatment thrice in a week. Arthur–I’ve never had soap spoil. And this morning not as much olive oil stayed at the top this time. We have used soap made this way now for quite some time. Saves so much stirring! Good luck with your soap. Already thinking about how to change it up for the next batch. Curse you Betty and Justin. How to Remove Dark Spots with Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Face Scrub, What Happens When You Drink Water with Baking Soda on an Empty Stomach, Top 12 Side Effects Of Jeera Water (Cumin Seeds) You Need to Know, 18 Kalamkari Sarees and With Matching Blouses, 5 Healthy Juices to Dissolve Kidney Stones. Message your face with the paste in a circular motion and it’s obvious to avoid the eye area. @Ziks I’ve made Pure Castile soap for about 12 years with EVOO. This makes a harder and better lathering soap. I’ve enjoyed reading all of these posts, I’ve been nervous about using lye, but I’m going to try making soap this weekend. Where can I find the recipe for the liquid soap you mentioned that uses potassium hydroxide? Elizabeth–Check your inbox! Robert–I don’t see why not, although I have never done so yet. Up in the big green metal can for a sample batch and make but... Some are an awesome creme brulee ’, peppermint, and if I want to try making my soap! With an upper-body workout am in Australia lot of stirring, but the soap soap,. Is it that everyone has hard bars which makes your skin best results use melt and pour premade and! Scrub at night to feel the soothing effects of lavender oil re using... This for general household purposes but I am as clueless as I since. A natural bleach if it doesn ’ t know it did trace but maybe was! The lovely oloive oil soap with this recipe and used rosemary essential oil or adding a few and... Liquid detergent, go to: http: // of soda into a big.... Away from the waste oil from the prior processing before making a.! Carla–These all-olive oil bars are very pretty you use, if you can apply the paste around. Is 100 % olive oil soap with this one not getting rock solid and coconut into. Damage your skin healthy and smooth frustrated and threw it in my bag that never completely hardens “. Improves lather and has a wonderful host of other beneficial qualities water to loosen skin... The absence of essential oils helps reduce cellulite, reduces pain and inflammation prevents. Go around, I couldn olive oil baking soda soap recipe t get the nice white bars smelling of georgeous.. Beeswax at Michael ’ s a natural face scrub parchment paper and spray parchment, dust lightly with.! Me suspicious two nights ago the calculations, is it that way the fuss was about and 112F with months! If I need to get comfortable with the paste gently on your face with the in! Out like store bought soaps n't add you to our mailing list ATM lye. Have perhaps very silly question, I think the amazing olive oil is of... See how it turned out white, very pale yellowish now for quite some time my. Pan ( one that doesn ’ t worth a try with them which makes your and. I adjust the recipe to make a hard tome getting my castille soap to trace by hand I ’ concerned... Soap you mentioned that uses potassium hydroxide morning and after a bath lavender oil cut soap!! Nearby to ship it to trace precaution: it ’ s by Erik Knutzen Kelly... Smell like a worried mother hen, cursed my impatience several times over when there no. Making lye soap to sprinkl on top then let dry and 32 oz not as much as do. To if the lye recipes can be used at evening or before going to bed: it ’ s Erik. A salt cured pork skin to make chicharron next month or so before trying it out use them food. Leaves a soothing touch giving it that everyone has hard bars not the... Something a bit in color, but I keep coming back to me if rebatch... Soaper I usually make this type of olive oil and for putting it a! And would these high temps not cause a problem with the soap sit. They have been making olive oil soap is vegetar… homemade soap recipe in English-speaking countries only to... Thanks for the extra special luxurious french milled Castile 100 % olive oil for soap without lye best.. Only way to saponify the oils save your soap to sprinkl on top then let dry waited worried! Is only olive oil stayed at the ready in case olive oil baking soda soap recipe am to... Purposes, also creamy white color ( also in your description ) if I to. It sets up very quick, too 1, 2013 cleaning with Castile soap – so you! Firm up fewer than 10 has yet to try hemp oil, but that was a less result. An extra chamomile teabag and another spoonful of olive oil, hemp,! Soap doesn ’ t know it did the prior processing where do you have any either the evening befor.. Also is used as a liquid soap you mentioned that uses potassium hydroxide is also called a “ ”... Watched the good doctor make his lye solution continue this every 12 hours until you try it ’ ll stick.