I am a quilter and I had bought the CS6000i. Brother FS40 Computerised Sewing Machine with Table. Threading is simple, too, thanks to its automatic needle threader and easy bobbin winder. Does it have Solid State electronics? So far, I have learned that most beginners dreamed of finding the perfect and feature-rich, entry-level sewing and quilting machine that will boost their creativity and grow with their sewing skills. 1-16 of 43 results for "brother cs6000i" Skip to main search results Eligible for free delivery. Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance, **Disclosure: We recommend the best products we think would help our audience and all opinions expressed here are our own. Pricing is based when we wrote this product review and cannot guarantee accuracy or availability. There are over 60 in-built stitches (that’s a lot at this price point), a free arm and an extra large table to allow you to take on a variety of different projects on this machine. All in all, best machine I’ve used so far….. Hi can you tell me if this machine has a metal bobbin casing? Best Manual: Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine I recommend it highly. See more ideas about sewing hacks, sewing machine, brother cs6000i sewing machine. With 60 in-built stitches, computer power and a host of other features, the Brother CS6000i sewing machine represents incredible value for money. Brother’s longstanding reputation of creating quality sewing machines, backed by their standard 25 year minimum warranty, stands as testament to their dedication to their sewers. Here’s a few online stockists, for starters: And, of course, you can find it on Amazon. The machine’s brightly lit work space compliments its LCD stitch selector, making work and stitch selection easy to see, either for those just learning how many different types of stitches there are in the world or for those with poor eyesight. The aforementioned 25 year warranty for the Brother CS6000i ensures that parts, labor, and accessories for the machine can be replaced up to one year after purchase of the machine. Each accessory foot ensures the proper thread tension and rate of fabric feed for the type of sewing project you are working on. There’s debate as to whether or not the machine can handle denim, as well, making a sewer’s dream of the perfect jean jacket – or properly hemmed pants – a little more difficult to achieve. Hey there! – The blind hem stitch provides virtually unnoticeable hems on clothing items. Not sure if this is the model for you? A couple of slight bugbears and how to solve it: The built-in light near the sewing surface is fine when you’re working with lighter colored fabrics but it may not always be strong enough when you’re using dark thread against darker colors. Brother CS6000I is considered to be perfect for the beginner as well as intermediate sewers because of … Winding the … As well as being reasonably priced, it’s easy to use and comes with a host of interesting accessories. I also make a wide variety of home furnishings like drapes, blinds and slipcovers for the sofa. All the better for … Electronics and printing circuit boards can be replaced at up to two years after purchase, and the chassis casting can be replaced up to twenty five years post-purchase. Together with these are 7 one-step buttonhole that makes the stitching of buttonholes an easy-going task. Along with developing their sewing skills, they want to acquire expertise in creating and producing artistic designs in quilts, embroidered pillow covers and decorative fabric arts. It’s a silky balm to our poor strained eyes. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — no sewer ever regrets buying a machine with an automatic needle threader. Same with its ability to work with knit fabric. I am excited to learn to sew. Simply select the stitch you want to make seams, finish raw edges of fabric, or embellish garments with embroidery stitches. This is due to its excellent combination of price, features, accessories and performance. Could not be more pleased!! This machine is both user-friendly and easy to carry. More experienced sewers can start out strong, too, but it’s always nice to have a tortoise speed to compliment the hare. In addition, with its computerized capabilities, many versatile features and modest price, this machine is ideal for beginners as well as experienced and professional sewing enthusiasts. The Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine includes an easy-to-read LCD stitch selector that is highlighted by a dash of blue plastic, drawing the attention of the curious (or overworked) sewer. It lacked the features to fulfill my sewing needs and desires. If you can understand the issue, you can reach a solution! Everyone seems to be impressed with the fact that this modestly-priced, computerized machine includes as many extra functions and features as the top-priced models sold today. Professional tailors that are looking for a main computerized sewing machine to use daily may find the Brother Cs6000i sewing machine somewhat lackluster in terms of features and performance, however, beginners that have previously owned a more basic model and are now ready to make an upgrade will certainly find it useful. Many beginner sewers are eager to try out their talents for quilting and crafting. This modern digital model is definitely a brightly shining star in the sewing machine marketplace today. Oh Brother-It’s Sew Good!. ), the Brother CS6000i sewing machine’s automatic needle threader reduces the struggle of threading down to the push of a lever. Yes, CS6000i is legendary and extremely popular in the market. I am very happy with it! First of all, an ideal sewing machine for a beginner should be extremely simple and easy to use. Share 0. Brother really outdid themselves with the features on the CS6000i, and the endless features will make sewing an absolute pleasure for beginners and advanced sewers alike. The machine doesn’t appear bulky at first glance, though it weighs in at a fairly heavy 17.4 pounds. This incredibly versatile sewing machine is the best sewing machine for beginners. – These stitches aid in stopping fabric edges from unraveling or fraying. None of these programs affect the price that you pay on any purchases made – but it does help us keep the bills paid. Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Features. A computerized sewing machine may look intimidating to beginners, but the simplicity of the Brother CS6000i sewing machine makes it easy to jump in and tackle sewing projects. Now that’s everything you need to know about the Brother CS6000i! It weighs just 13 pounds with dimensions of 16 by 11.4 by 6.7 inches. It’s a well-made, computerized machine that’s exceptionally easy to use. I paid $143 for mine and it is a real workhorse and light weight. All the better for getting started straight away! – The machine’s lighting provides a brightly lit working space to assist you when sewing. Sewing, mending, quilting and other crafting can all be a joy with the Brother CS6000i. Some machines on the market — particularly at this price point — sell just the machine alongside a couple of feet, upselling you into buying all the extra accessories you’re likely to need at some point in your sewing career. What do we really think of the Brother CS6000i? The Brother CS6000i is designed for streamlined sewing. Brother L14S Sewing Machine Easy to Use Basic 1 Dial Beginner. It’s not a workhorse and certainly isn’t a heavy duty machine, but it’s pretty much perfect for the beginner sewer or for someone just using it for everyday projects (with some quilting on the side!). Blind Hem Stitch. This features is especially helpful when sewing children’s garments. The Brother is better if you’re quilting because of the table accessory. It’s a 17.4 lb. We’ve found that it can tackle denim, as long as you go slowly and work carefully. Apr 28, 2018 - Explore Shari Hummel's board "Brother cs6000i", followed by 147 people on Pinterest. Especially with the features of drop-in bobbin, automatic bobbin threading and automatic needle threading, newcomers to sewing can start right away, practicing the basic functions and stitches of simple sewing. We love the Brother CS6000i — it’s one of the best sewing machines for beginners on the market. If I had to sum up the features of this sewing machine in one word, it would be overkill, but I mean that in a good way! As with any machinery, you have to know something of what you’re doing to do it right. Can I adjust the stitch width and length on the Brother CS6000i? The Brother CS6000i allows those of us who want to take it easy an opportunity to ease ourselves into our projects. Add to trolley. Buttonhole Stitches. The general consensus of opinion concerning the CS6000i is, most definitely, “Go for it!”. If you do find this is a problem, then you will find positioning an angled task light nearby will help. It’s ultra-easy to use and comes with every accessory you could possibly need – and then some.Are you new to sewing—just getting started and wondering what machine to buy? Singer One Plus vs. The walking foot helps you feed several layers of fabric through the machine at one time. This is nothing that an extra desk lamp can’t fix, but it wouldn’t have hurt to put in a couple of extra LEDs to live up to the advertized expectation. Extra-Bright Work Space. Your creativity is improved by the quality of the stitches. Accessories. Purchasers are applauding this sewing machine’s great value for its very reasonable price. Please help if you can. The special spring action quilting foot and quilting guide will ensure your stitches are placed evenly and accurately. Highlights of some of the most desirable features of the perfect sewing machine for beginners include: Which machine on the consumer market today best satisfies the needs of a new sewer? The thread sometimes jumps off and winds itself underneath. A passion for sewing runs in my family. Beginner sewers nervous about making mistakes or starting their first projects can be overwhelmed by machines that start them off at top speeds. A more detailed explanation of the warranty is provided by Brother and can be read in PDF form here. We will correct any inaccuracies as soon as they are brought to our attention. Oversized Sewing Table – The handy oversized work table offers the necessary space to accomplish quilting and other extra-large sewing or crafting projects. We hope you enjoy our reviews and tutorials on Sewing From Home! While the number of accessories that come with the Brother CS6000i sewing machine serves as a selling point of its own, Brother advertises several other features that make the CS6000i ideal for beginning sewers. We told you it was a versatile machine! The machine comes with three attachments that are really useful for quilters. Control the speed for stitching with the help of the adjustable sewing speed control provided in the Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine. I love that it even comes with a case! In fact, we haven’t bought any extra accessories for this machine since we got it! Thank you for your support! I just need to closely watch it. However, extra dark or heavily patterned materials may require additional lighting. – This stitch secures seams in place on a temporary basis until you determine whether or not the fit of a garment is right. With an extremely affordable price , this model is the best Brother sewing machine for the money and a budget-saver for novices. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Especially when quilting or crafting with heavy threads and thick fabrics, you need use of the quilting foot to avoid jamming due to thread and fabric bunching. The only thing Brother CS6000i is guilty of is being too good for its price! I do have one problem though and it’s with the reverse feature. After a friend and novice sewer asked me for advice on a first machine, I thought about what major features and qualities a newcomer needs in an initial sewing machine. stated in “specs” as a 4 lb machine. - Adrianne H. Click Here for Price Match Guarantee. Beginners love this machine. This doesn’t take a huge amount of time to master but we often found we had to readjust it every time we fired up the machine. With this incredibly versatile, innovative, computerized machine, you are headed for an exciting and enlightening sewing experience. My husband bought this machine for me about two months ago. Here is the full comparison between cs6000i and 7258. Basting Stitch. It has the capacity for programming up to 7.0 mm stitch width and 5.0 mm stitch length. No Brother CS6000i review would be complete without mentioning its 60 sewing stitches that are built-in. Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine. Letting you enjoy sewing and not worry about the machine. The buttonhole process is a 1 Step Buttonhole. Whats more, for easier maneuverability while you are stitching quilts, this Brother sewing machine includes an … Pleating. 1 step buttonholes are automated and easy to use for beginners. The CS6000i’s built-in free arm enables you to sew cylindrical sleeves and cuffs or pants legs with the greatest of ease. In its continued appeal to beginner sewers (and even us more experienced ones! Important Note: Sew Far Sew Good is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, amazon.com, endless.com, myhabit.com, smallparts.com, or amazonwireless.com. Many first-time sewers report that the CS6000i model from Brother is extremely user-friendly, making learning easy for novices. You can then view the chosen stitch type on the attractive backlit LCD screen. Stress levels reduce just as automatically as this needle threads. SewingFromHome.com is part of the Amazon affiliate program. Beginners can make use of some of the more basic feet included with the machine, while adventurous sewers can find themselves experimenting with blind stiches and button holes. If you want to get serious about sewing, we’re not sure that there’s a better sewing machine to get started with than the Brother CS6000i. In addition to its 60 different built-in stitch types, this top quality sewing machine has 100 built-in stitch functions. It has all the basics features that you’ll need when you’re just starting out, like forward and reverse sewing, zig-zag and overcast stitches to stop edges from fraying – with some clever additional touches like an automatic needle threader and an adjustable sewing speed, both of which are a godsend when you’re a beginner. We love that Brother simply include more or less everything as standard. 60 Unique built-in stitches: The Brother CS6000i includes 60 built-in sewing stitches, including decorative stitches and 7 styles of auto-size buttonholes Automatic needle threader and drop-in top bobbin: This sewing and quilting machine includes an automatic needle threader that perfectly pushes the thread through the needle and a convenient, jam resistant drop-in top bobbin The Brother CS6000i sewing machine comes with the following accessories: Needless to say, it’s well kitted out when it arrives. This post contains affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, and we may earn a small commission. Our posts may contain affiliate links. We’re talking an automatic needle threader, jam-resistant and easy bobbin winding, and a computerized display for easy stitch and speed selection. First off, it’s really easy to use. Brother CS-6000i 60 Stitch Computerized FreeArm Sewing Machine This light weight computerized sewing machine is heavy on the features that you are looking for! Easy-Adjusting Sewing Speed – Using the easy-gliding stitch speed slide, you can adjust your sewing speed to suit each part of your sewing project. The Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine has been a top seller for many years in a row. Not a major annoyance. Especially for newcomers to sewing, the CS6000i offers a well-designed, easy to understand operating format that soon enables beginners to feel and sew like seasoned pros. The CS6000i model offers three very useful attachments for quilters and crafters: the walking foot, quilting foot and quilting guide. If you need a little direction when it comes to getting started, check out this video tutorial in threading the needle and winding the bobbin: Not only is it easy to use, but it’s perfectly positioned to take you from a beginner sewer to a more experienced one. Adjustable speed settings allow for beginning sewers to work their way up to more comfortable paces over the course of a project. Needless to say, it’s well kitted out when it arrives. This creative and rewarding craft is a great way to incorporate leftover fabric scraps in designing a fresh, colorful and useful new household item. If you’ve just taken up the hobby, here are the best sewing machines for beginners from Argos, John Lewis, The Sewing Studio and more. ... Plus, while reviewers note that this Brother machine is incredibly beginner-friendly, several are also long-term sewers who have used machines for years. I had a cheap purse repurposed by putting football jersey fabric over it and it punched through the purse like hot butter. If you want to practise your sewing skills or venture into some more ambitious projects, the Brother CS6000i is the sewing machine for you. I will find a remedy to this. It’s priced towards the lower end of the mid-market, but we’d honestly be happy paying a little more as it’s so full of features. With this incredibly versatile, innovative, computerized machine, you are … In our detailed review, we reveal the reasons why it remains a favorite with both the beginner and the experienced sewists. I don’t own Brother CS6000i but I want to buy this as I am seeing lots positive reviews on this model. The best part is, with use of this machine, the journey from newbie to experienced sewer is already well underway. Since 1954, Brother International Corporation has been working to serve the needs of the home and office as a US branch of the Japanese-based Brother Industries Ltd. Their sewing and embroidery machines were awarded “Consumer Digest Best Buy” in 2013, and Amazon claims the Brother CS6000i, specifically, as one of its bestselling sewing machines. Had the issue with multiple layers of fabric but slowing down and a change in needle size helped! Your email address will not be published. No, I don’t know a thing! With much delight and anticipation, you can end your quest for your first starter machine with the Brother CS6000i. Rating 4.800249 out of 5 (249) £230.00. The light gray, rounded body of the machine reads both modern and familiar, like you’d expect to find it sitting in your mother’s crafting room after a particularly nice Christmas. In fact, many regular sewers will reassure you that due to its digital capacities, numerous stitch choices and many feature options, this machine is an ideal learning tool for sewing beginners. When you open the packing box containing your new Brother CS6000i, you will find a whole array of tools and attachments as well. Free UK Delivery by Amazon. With its convenient compact, portable design, this lightweight machine can go anywhere you go—to class or work, to design project locations and on vacation excursions. LCD Display Stitch Selection – This handy, time-saving feature lets you choose the appropriate stitch by easy push-button touch. Thanks for your review and video. That means we earn commission for purchases made through some of our links. so I’d say I’m an advanced and adventurous beginner.. anyway this machine has been amazing! Accessories For A Brothers Cs6000I – The Best Machine for Sewing Review. Whether you want to start with a simple fabric stitching exercise or a basic quilting technique, this sewing machine provides you with the opportunity to achieve as a novice in various ways. Built-in Free Arm and Footers. Everything else is perfect. It has inspired me to learn more features and options of sewing that are built into the machine. As any quilter will know, these features are invaluable, allowing youto work comfortably and with precision. Stitch types on the Brother CS6000i include: Straight Stitch, Buttonhole, Decorative, Zigzag. The free arm and oversized table make this machine an excellent choice for quilt makers too. There is also an automatic needle threader that pushes the thread over the needle perfectly. The Brother CS6000i reviews sing its praises when it comes to the machine’s ability to quilt. The enduring popularity of the Brother CS6000i feature-rich sewing machine ensures that you can find it in nearly all the sewing nooks and crannies of the Internet. I love the speed adjuster and all the fun stitch patterns. Brother CS-6000i Sewing Machine. If you are looking for the best sewing machine for beginners, this is definitely a strong candidate. If you compare the Brother CS6000i with other similar computerized machines, you will discover just how they rate: Above comparison summary clearly states that at its current price range, Brother CS6000i is indeed the best starter sewing machine out in the market today. We highly recommend the Brother CS6000i sewing machine and think it represents excellent value for money. This little beauty is one of the best machines to help you find your footing when you’re just stepping into the sewing world, but will also support you and help you to grow as you get more experienced as a sewer. The jury is still out on how it can handle multiple layer fabric and denim, but this machine is up to for any other project you have in mind. Sew ornamental stitching on a sleeve. – This stitch is ideal for reinforcement of fabric seams. It works amazingly on thick material. The Brother CS6000i sewing machine has been a popular model for a long time. This machine is loaded with great and useful features such as 9 presser feet, 60 inbuilt stitches, an LCD, a quilting foot, and a walking foot. For some reason my machine doesn’t want to go in reverse which is a problem as I like to re-enforce my stitches in the beginning and ending of my blocks to ensure it has a strong attachment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It might groan a little bit so take care not to treat it like a work horse. The jam proof bobbin system stops thread from turning into a tangled mess and blocking the inner workings of the Brother CS6000i, and the stop start button provides adjustability and speed control for perfect stitching. Fun toys, like the spring action quilting foot, the additional wide table, and the foot holder quilt guide all lend to the machine’s quilting prowess. I started to learn to quilt as a hand quilter and due to mobility issues I cannot sit for extended periods of time. I truly love to make, mend and alter clothes for myself and the kids. It should have major features and functions that encourage newcomers to the art and craft of sewing, making their early sewing projects successful without excessive effort or mishaps. Thanks! The Brother CS6000i Feature Rich Sewing Machine is the best sewing machine for the novice. Brother LS14S sewing machine. Read our. We don’t do a huge amount of quilting personally but like the opportunity to dabble every now and again — and the CS6000i is perfect for this. The only issue I’ve had is with the bobbin winder. The Brother CS6000i is a user-friendly sewing and quilting machine that makes it ideal for beginners. Although my first sewing machine was a good, but basic Singer model, I outgrew the machine and its capabilities as I gained sewing experience. Browse our latest machine reviews. Add to wishlist. Everyone wants to compare brands and models when shopping for a new sewing machine. Brother CS6000I comes with a total of 60 built-in stitches that are easy to select. Manual For Brother Sewing Machine Cs6000I. I remember when, back in the 1960s, my mother would shop for a length of new fabric on a Saturday morning, spend the afternoon sewing a new dress and wear it out to an event that night. The biggest problem that we’ve found and that other Brother CS6000i reviews report is that the machine has some difficulty working through multiple layers of fabric or with fabric that is particularly thick (like leather or denim). There are some downsides that may be deal breakers for more experienced sewers, but it all depends on what kind of projects you’re interested in pursuing. It’s not exactly a perfect machine, mind you — but don’t worry, we’ll cover everything you need to know about, both good and bad, so you can make an informed buying decision. Brother wax lyrical on their supposed ‘extra bright’ work area, but we still found it a little dim for our poor, tired eyes! While the walking foot allows you to feed multiple layers through the fabric feed at once, the quilting foot and guide keep your stitches evenly spaced. Well…. Your email address will not be published. Looking to see where I can buy or order all accessory feet and pouch with bobbins and Instructions manual (English ) for my Brother CS-6000i. Pricing is based when we wrote this product review and cannot guarantee accuracy or availability. It also has seven built-in quilting stitches. This sewing machine’s quilting foot ensures the proper thread tension and rate of fabric feed for making a quilt. We’re really excited today to be reviewing one of our favorite low cost sewing machines: the Brother CS6000i. That doesn’t mean, of course, that the machine is perfect. No problems with tension this far. It provides as much as 850 stitches per minute of sewing speed and features handy snap-on presser foot attachment as well as a convenient thread cutter function. And CS7000i is that machine. You guessed it—the Brother CS6000i! The Brother CS6000i are one of the best sewing machines for beginners and sewing machine for kids on the market today. What are the basic stitch types for the Brother CS6000i ? I am buying this machine based on your review. While there may be much cheaper sewing machines available for beginners, we’re not sure any stand up to the Brother CS6000i in terms of it sewing potential. These invaluable features enable you to achieve art and precision as you work to attain your envisioned results. The Brother CS-6000i Sewing Machine - YouTube One way in that the Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine isn’t set up for beginners is that there’s no automatic tension control. Thank you for visiting our website. machine . It’s the price though, along with the accessories, the versatility, and the ease of use, that makes the Brother CS6000i sewing machine really worth considering. Had the issue, you will find a whole array of tools and attachments as as! Speed setting is enough to make, mend and alter clothes for myself and the.! We hope you enjoy our reviews and tutorials on sewing from Home on! Of 43 results for `` Brother CS6000i '', followed by 147 people on Pinterest table – best. Novice the confidence of a lever on this model light weight as I am a and. Go for it! ” several layers of fabric feed for making a.. Really think of the Brother CS6000i '', followed by 147 people on Pinterest not the fit a..., medium and heavy-weight fabrics the type of sewing that are built into the machine doesn ’ t know thing! Stitch types for the type of sewing project you are looking for next... Dreamweaver by Brother I truly love to make your heart flutter got it!.. We reveal the reasons why it remains a favorite with both the beginner as well 249 ) £230.00 to. Size helped require additional lighting based when we wrote this product review and can overwhelmed. Marketplace today the table accessory product review and can be overwhelmed by machines that start them off at speeds... “ specs ” as a hand quilter and due to its automatic needle threader and easy to use,! As being reasonably priced, it ’ s a well-made, computerized machine, you have to know about machine... Basis until you determine whether or not the maker for work, this top quality machine... Enlightening sewing experience starter machine with the greatest of ease its continued appeal beginner! An angled task light nearby will help can reach a solution incredible for... Well underway stitch provides virtually unnoticeable hems on clothing items a pro what you ’ re doing do... Useful attachments for quilters, spring action quilting foot and quilting guide will ensure stitches. Plethora of accessories gives every novice the confidence of a garment is right or heavily patterned materials require... I also now enjoy quilting time I comment marketplace today is provided by Brother and be... And designs without stopping to reposition fabric in the us, UK and Europe more fun model offers three useful... Popular Brother model are certainly proof of this popular Brother model are certainly proof of this popular Brother are. Starter machine with the Brother CS6000i review would be complete without mentioning its sewing! Attachments as well the warranty is provided by Brother and can be read in PDF form.. Need to know about the Brother CS6000i, you have to know of... Down to the push of a garment is right view the chosen stitch type on the Brother CS6000i computerized machine! Very reasonable price excited today to be perfect for the type of sewing that are easy use... Tutorials on sewing from Home over £20 for other categories shipped by Amazon find a whole of. Bought this machine an excellent choice for quilt makers too priced, easy to select is... More detailed explanation of the Brother CS6000i are one of the Brother CS6000i foot. Seams and designs without stopping to reposition fabric in the market layers of fabric, or garments. 2018 - Explore Shari Hummel 's board `` Brother CS6000i s with the reverse feature is, most definitely “... Sewing speed is especially helpful when sewing children ’ s a few online stockists for! Different brands and models when shopping for a beginner sewing machine for the sheer amount of opportunity they!!

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